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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bad Touch - Down and Out

Not that long ago I had tucked my head down and pushed through a long week that had culminated in a very long day.
It was one of those weeks from hell where you run to stand still and by the end of it you still haven't a clue if it was worth all the effort.
So when you have one of them we all know that there's only a few options available to us as a response.
One is to crawl into bed and weep long and hard into your pillow.
That's the pussy option.
Another is to head to the nearest bar and dive headlong into a weekend that would make certain scenes from the Motley Crue biography seem tame in comparison.
That's the self destruct option
The other is just to immerse yourself in some good old fashioned rock and roll washed down with pints and a tiny bit of debauchery.
That's the letting your hair down option, the semi-sensible one, and of course it's also the one I went for.
It must be an age thing as it wasn't long ago that option two was the only one that I would entertain, but with age comes great wisdom, and horrendous hangovers, so more often than not now I'm the letting my hair down option guy.
So anyway with that on my mind I had a look through the listing sites and skipped past all the indie bands and jumped on the Quireboys playing in the Garage.
A guaranteed good time band who always deliver.
So one thing led to another and by the time I had reached the venue I had missed all of Bad Touch and most of Bonafide, but while slightly disappointed at that it's fair to say that The Quireboys were everything I needed, and more, to de-stress myself.
As a bonus I also picked up a copy of 'Down and Out' by Bad Touch along with the latest release from The Quireboys, and it's touch and go who has been getting the most plays since then.
It has to be said that the young traditional sounding heavy rock bands aren't that common now.
So it's refreshing to hear one so good.
Solidly melodic they are neither too soft or too hard.
You couldn't lump them in with the AOR guys or the thrash bands, but rather slip them in with those who put the emphasis on the rock rather than anything else.
There's no real downside to consider, and while there's nothing earth shatteringly new about what the band are doing I could ask detractors to show me one genre of music that is actually throwing up anything new anyway.
Today it has pretty much all been done, and what we should be looking to praise are those who get that, and just go out and do what they do to the best of their ability and entertain us by doing it well.
It's when you come to that realization that you can easily see the worth in Bad Touch.
The band pull exceptionally well together with the rhythm, the lead, the bass and the drums all getting their moments to shine as they build the framework to hang some sweet vocals on.
It's going to be interesting to see where they go from here.
With a good producer at the helm and the time and finances to do the album they can probably hear in their heads It's entirely possible that they could take mainland Europe by storm as that's where the gods of rock still hold sway.
Yeah. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this band, and if good rockin' is what gets your motor running then so should you.

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